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Baby Food, Fear of Zombies, and Fear of Girls (3)

06 Dec

Evan’s getting bigger, as he’s nearly 5 months old now. He’s eating “real” food now, and is an enthusiastic gobbler of baked squash. He’s going to be getting some sweet potatoes after tonight and possibly some pears. I look forward to seeing how he deals with each new flavor and seeing what his likes and dislikes are. Evan even got to spend some being babysat by his Aunt Ameé and cousin Kaitlin, allowing me to take Jeanette out to 21.20 for her birthday. As far as I know, everyone had a good time that night, and we’re very thankful to Kaitlin and Ameé for it! Parenting is going well, and aside from Evan’s penchant for waking up in the middle of the night and exploding out both ends, he’s pretty great! I still have my hair (albeit a bit more gray) and look forward to each new milestone.

Monday nights are getting interesting as Jason Jurisch, Paul Brazelton and Mitch Jurisch and I are playing through “Left 4 Dead” on PC. You play cooperatively as 4 characters caught in a typical zombie infestation and trying to survive and escape. The effects are spot-on, the sounds and style of the game evoke a very “Dawn of the Dead” aesthetic, with dashes of “28 days later” sprinkled in for good measure. A major aspect to the game is the advent of an “AI Director” , which determines the pacing of the game and the actions of the zombies. In layman’s terms, it determines the pacing of the game, mixing up creepy silences punctuated with bursts of frenetic zombie swarms coming from everywhere and anywhere. It’s almost as if there’s some mad director behind the curtain with a finger hovering over a big red button labeled “press when the players are starting to get too comfortable”. Much yelling occurs over headsets and the experience is all kinds of excellent.

Last night, Greg, Paul and myself went to the unveiling of Ryan Wood’s “Fear of Girls 3” at the Riverview theater. It was great to see lots of old friends there as well, and the shows were quite entertaining. My cheeks still hurt from laughing at ’em all. Ryan did a great job with Fear of Girls 3, where Doug and Ray decide to publish their own roleplaying game and need to raise enough money to do so, hilarity ensues. Ryan’s got it on YouTube split up into 3 separate parts, which you can find here, here and here. Keep up the good work Ryan, I look forward to seeing what crazy new thing falls out of, or is expunged violently from your head for your next project!