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Tongue Splitter Taste-off

08 May

Special thanks to Ed for coming up with the excellent idea of having several of us homebrewers whipping up the same recipe to see how style and technique affect the final outcome. Also, thanks go out to Greg for hosting the enevt and whipping up some excellent food to accompany these excellent brews.

The good thing was that all the brews turned out to be quite tasty, although amazingly different in taste and aroma. The recipe itself, Northern Brewers’ “Tongue Splitter“, was a highly hopped, high alpha acid ale, and delicious 6x over.

I guess it’s true what they say about beer(and wine), it’s a living thing that has a mind of it’s own. Thankfully, variety is the spice of life, but I can see how tough it could be for a commercial brewery to recreate the exact same flavors with such consistency.




09 Sep

“Beer is proof that god loves us and want’s us to be happy” – Benjamin Franklin

Although Ben and I disagree on a few things, we definitely mesh well on the subject of beer. This weekend, Paul, Greg, Jason, Jessica, their friend Sarah and I were fortunate enough to get tickets to Surlyfest! For those not in the know, Surly beer was founded by a local homebrewer who made some great beer and decided to take it to the next dreamer-fueled level by starting up his own brewery. Luckily for us beer afficionados, it led to the creation of Surly-Furious, and Surly-Bender beers that can hold their own with the big names in craft beers.

Surlyfest started out well with a sampling of their new brew Surly-Hell (as in “Helles Lager”), which was a nice crisp addition to their existing beers, as well as their specially brewed “Surlyfest” beer, all of which were dispensed in our souvenir Surly mugs. They also opened up the brew-floor for free wandering tours, much to the happiness of Greg, Jason and I, avid homebrewers one and all!

There’s just something awesome about being able to walk around a brewery, seeing all the equipment, processing steps, and talking to the people that are responsible for the product you’re currently holding in your hand. I still find it a tad overwhelming to think that someone could go from having a few 5 gallon buckets sitting in their basement to a large industrial warehouse filled with massive mash tuns, fermenters and an automated canning line, all the while retaining the unique flavors that can be coaxed out of the hops and grains on a small scale.

Much of the rest of the night was spent outside, and with the arrival of some ominous looking clouds, outside, under a tent. The rains came, but did little to dampen the spirits of those at the ‘fest, many a soggy Gyro and Brat were hauled back across the parking lot to the relative safety of the large tent. Oddly enough, the beer taps were only located outside the tent area, but it didn’t seem to stop anyone from refilling their glass, (multiple times for many..)

All in all, much fun was had, many beers were sampled, and many local bands were enjoyed, many stories were told, creative misdemeanors occurred, and the “line” was “mostly held”. Major props go out to Jason, who found us tickets when it looked to be completely sold out. Unfortunately, he had to sacrifice his motorcycle’s battery on the trip, but we appreciate him for it that much more!

Cheers to Surlyfest 2008! Here’s looking forward to 2009!