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Cooking Club – Julia Child

04 Mar

Jeanette and I recently saw the movie “Julie and Julia”, with Meryl Streep’s brilliant portrayal of Julia Child, and Amy Adams as the blogger who attempted to cook through the entire set of recipes in the book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in a year. The movie was great, and even better, inspired Jeanette to make it the theme of this month’s Cooking Club! This is the kind of 3D filmmaking I can get behind!

Desiree – French Bread – The perfect companion to the soup and the Bourguignon sauce. We wish you were here to taste it!

Jessica – Vichy Carrots – Who knew that carrots cooked in sparking water could taste so crisp!

Jason – Brussel Sprouts Braised in Butter – This is officially the only way I plan on eating Brussels sprouts in the future. Excellent!

Greg – Potato Leek Soup – Awesome soup man! Despite not having the proper tools for making this tasty warm and hearty soup, it came out great! Couple this with your amazing butternut squash soup and I’m thinking tou may be our official go-to soup guy!

Paul – Some amazing tower of homemade ice cream, a sugar cookie-like crust and fire! Needless to say, I need the official name of this tower of tasty goodness.

Jeanette – Boeuf Bourguignon – Takes like 4 hours to make and you can taste all the work that goes into it too. Simply amazing!

John – Upside Down Martini (JC’s favorite drink) and  a variety of French Wines. – This may be the crispest and easiest to drink martini I’ve ever had. Thanks Julia!

As I’m starting to expect from our expert team of CC’ers, everything tasted amazing. I learned that properly prepared vegetables can taste like a high-end delicacy, 4 hours of cooking can culminate in something truly mind blowing, and that ice cream can be set on fire. Now that’s how you celebrate a Saturday night!


Cooking Club – New Experiences

28 Jan

It seems like forever since we’ve had a good old fashioned Cooking Club, but we finally got the gang together this weekend to enjoy some amazing new foods. The theme was “New Year, New Experiences” and everyone was asked to try out a new technique, a new ingredient, or a new kitchen tool in the preparation of their assigned dish.

As everyone arrived, Jeanette was custom creating tasty milkshakes to order. Jason was assigned an appetizer course, and one-upped the task by bringing two! He warmed us up with some Smoked Flying Fish Roulades with Wasabi Caviar, and cooled us off with his Prosciutto Melon Balls. Greg wowed us with his Curried Butternut Squash Soup; this was a very delicious comfort food recipe that I look forward to recreating in the future.

Thus prepared, and with the smoke clearing from the very messy kitchen, the main courses rolled out. Paul created “Quatre Epices a la Madeline” (Duck Confit) perfectly done with just the right amount of crisp on the skins. Jessica graced us with her first “Au Gratin” experience, Tomato-Potato gratin, a definite success. As host, I had the main course assignment and decided to attempt cooking Lamb for the first time. I was relatively happy with how my Lamb Chops with Rosemary-Mint Demi-Glace turned out, although I would change a few things for my next attempt. It was a very meat-and-potatoes evening, which resulted in several naps and much couch-lying, but well worth it.

Bringing it all to a finish, Desiree created one of the most elaborate, multi-step desserts I’ve ever seen, Roasted Pear Bundles with Ginger and Caramel Sauce. It tasted as good as it looks, and the techniques Desiree had to use to create it were very impressive to behold as a finished and assembled work of culinary art.

Great work everyone! If this is how the rest of the year is going to go, I’m very excited to see what happens the next eleven months!

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Cooking Club – Tailgate

12 Nov

Sunday brought to close yet another successful Cooking Club, when the “Clubbers” (no seals were harmed) descended upon the Millers’ to consume tasty fall favorites, delicious appetizers and stick-to-your-ribs, well, ribs..

Recipes included such greats as, Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Mexican Cornbread, Seven Layer Dip, Kicked Up Deviled Eggs, Baked Artichoke Dip, and Turkey Chili Soup with Hominy. I walked (nay, hobbled) out at the end of the day full, fat and happy, but not before working off a few calories as Rock Band 2 was pulled out and thoroughly abused. I learned that Desiree as an excellent singing voice, and that I suck more than expected when not playing in front of own system.

Oh yeah, the Vikings won their football game too, through no fault of their own..


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