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On becoming a father, a worldview askew..

10 Apr

You know how it is that when you’re interested in something for the first time, it suddenly becomes apparent how ubiquitous that particular object really is? Like shopping for a car, once you pick a Make/Model, you start to see it absolutely everywhere. I guess it works the same for Fatherhood. All of a sudden I’m surrounded by pregnant people and I’m finding myself checking out the design elements of strollers as they’re wheeling past me. It’s definitely a strange feeling, but oddly enough a completely welcome one.

I just find it absolutely amazing that things I’d never even thought about for 95% of the time I’ve been occupying space on this planet are starting to crowd out the status quo. Heck, without even trying, my brain has begin to focus less on the latest electronic gadget and more on the latest infant-centric electronic gadget. (After all, one’s brain can be rewired only so far..)

What do they call that feeling? You know, the one where you’re constantly having to learn new medical terms, research consumer safety ratings, reevaluate your financial plans, restructure your home’s layout and just generally grow the heck up.

Oh yeah.. Parenthood..

Cooking Cub Side Note: Our recipes and gallery for Cooking Club Russian are up and running. If you’re a fan of the Motherland sneak a peek, otherwise go about your business capitalist-pig-dog! Thanks go to Greg for a great food idea and allowing us to invade his home with a little post-communistic beet, cabbage, pickes and vodka laden goodness!

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