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Looking for a good home

11 Feb

The plague has passed and the Morrison household is now out from quarantine. (Note to self: to take down all the biohazard signs, and release the canaries).  I survived a terrible cold (or possible flu) over the weekend, and am now ready to be released back into functional human society. The first order of business being continuing to prep the craft/baby room and shuffle furniture around the house. To that end, we have a couple of dressers that we’re trying to get rid of.

They’re both in excellent shape for furniture that’s of a bit lower-quality contruction. But they’d be great for someone’s first apartment, college room, or guest bedroom. Heck, we don’t care what you do with them, if you want ’em, they’re yours, just let us know!


Home Improvement woes

04 Feb

What did the weekend bring you might ask? Home improvement. Granted, at this stage, the renovation of our downstairs bathroom looks less like “home improvement” and more like a “home implosion”. This might be due to the fact that we recently had a plumber over for the entire day jackhammering a hole in our foundation to run plumbing for our downstairs bar sink which until recently drained directly into our wall. (I’m guessing that’s not to code..)

Over the past weeks, I managed to tear out the awful drop ceiling, remove the old shower, pull up the 2 layers of tile on the floor, yank off the polystyrene trim (yep, foam trim,  go figure) and get the gaping concrete hole in our basement patched back up.


Thankfully, this weekend found me moving foward on the actual “improvement” part of the whole endeavor, as I got our new fiberglass shower base leveled, installed and properly plumbed. I’m in a sort of holding pattern on the rest of the bathroom as I have to have the plumber come back out one last time and get the faucet valve installed. I’ve learned from experience that whatever monetary costs I would save in performing that relatively complicated plumbing exercise myself would be directly charged against my remaining patience, general attitude and probably reduce my overall number of days left to live.

However, I digress.. If anyone has any practical experience in installing a sheetrocked drop ceiling based off a set of extended studs, let me know as this is a particularly foreign concept to me. How does one make sure the newly dropped studs are level? How does one cut a single piece of sheetrock to fit a ceiling with irregular indentations sprinkled about?

Giving me the number of a general contractor may or may not count as good advice!