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Star Wars – The Force Unleashed: More cool tech to show off the cutting edge of gaming

26 Jan

You gotta admit, this is some pretty cool stuff! I love the idea that they’ve gotten so good at creating game technology that they’re now able to use AI to simulate the nervous system reactions of your opponents, as well as deal with in game objects at the molecular level. It’s the first Star Wars game I’ve been excited about for a long time, and it’s coming this year!


Wheeeee! With Wii!

25 Jan

This guy reminds me of the crazy-brilliant, yet slightly unbalanced individual I met my freshman year at Milwaukee School of Engineering who was reverse engineering a 3-D mouse controller out of the old Nintendo Power Glove. Imagine the possibilities of this type of application with just a simple software tweak to some existing game hardware.

It’s times like this I love being a geek..