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Circle of Service Excellence

18 Jun

(Pictured: Left-CEO Richard Davis, Middle-Me, Right-CFO Andy Cecere)

Tuesday, Jeanette and I got to go to an awards dinner at Windows on Minneapolis for USBank. I won a service award (that was kind of a big deal) and we got a delicious dinner, and were regaled with many a joke and story as the dinner went on. If Richard Davis ever leaves his job as CEO of USBank, he could make a pretty good living doing financial stand-up comedy.

Aside from the dinner and recognition, the winners got a nice plaque, pen, stock options, and our pictures up on the wall-of-fame (for the quarter). But mostly, it was just good to get a pat on the back, and hear that you’re doing your job well.

Evan was at home being entertained by our downhill neighbors, who did an excellent job babysitting for us (first timers!) and even putting him down to sleep on the first try. Oh yes, you will be hired again!

(Pictured: Left-CEO Richard Davis, Middle-Me, Right-CFO Andy Cecere)