Who Are We?

So, you wanted to know who Jeanette and John Morrison are? Well, this is us!

John and Jeanette at Grammercy Tavern in NY 

This pictures was taken on our New York trip; more specifically, it’s from Gramercy Tavern, an excellent establishment that Jeanette’s uncle Tom suggested. (Thanks Tom! Second best meal I’ve ever had!) If you ever get a chance to eat dinner in New York, you cannot go wrong with this place! Highly Recommended!

Although we don’t have any children yet, we do have a beagle named “Ein” who keeps our “responsibility” muscle quite well exercised for the time being. He’s a great little dog who we consider to be the perfect combination of cute lapdog and manly hunting hound, with a healthy helping of brains thrown in.

(We’ve run out of tricks to teach him! If you know of a unique trick, please email it to us!) Here’s a good shot of the little guy. My dad says he looks like a girl.. I’m guessing it’s the eyes. He’s named after a super-intelligent personable computer hacking Pembroke Welsh Corgi named “Ein” from one of my favorite Japanese animated series, “Cowboy Bebop”.

Here’s a great picture of Jeanette’s extended family taken at Christmas time several years ago. (front row, left) Steve Pierson, Mitch Dennison and Summer the Min-Pin, Vicki Pierson, Jackie Beckel, Betty Beckel, Kim, Roger Beckel. (middle row, left) Jeanette Morrison, Michelle Iverson, Bradley Beckel, Trudi Beckel, Phillip Dennison, Michael Dennison, Linda Dennison, Isaac Beckel, David Beckel. (back row, left) John Morrison, Lance Iverson.

Here’s a picture of my extended family at Michael and Marjorie’s wedding reception from several years ago. (front row, left) Shirley Devine, Max Devine, Michael Devine, Marjorie Shapiro, Mary Morrison, Ameé Christenson. (back row, left) Patrick Devine, Jimmy Devine, Terry Devine, John Morrison, Aaron Devine, Rebecca Hodus, Lenny Morrison, Chad Christenson. Since this picture, Kaitlin and Cody Christenson have been added to the fam!

As for me, I’m John Morrison, relatively hardcore gamer; to wit, here’s my gamercard for Xbox360 and my Xfire status.

Compare, contrast and compete as you will.. (or use my Xfire profile to join me in a game!) Additionally, if you want to see what I’ve been playing, you can check out the blog that my Xbox360 creates when it’s bored… Also, if you have a Nintendo Wii, and want to add our system to your “Friends” list, enter this code in your address book 5796-5540-4561-1875 and send us an email with your code. Once we add it to our system, we should be able to play together! (At least once Nintendo makes a good online game that is…)

  1. Michael Dennison

    May 22, 2008 at 11:58 PM

    look at that, I google myself and it’s actually me. How are you two (three)? I heard a baby is on the way. Awesome!